23rd January 2017

NEW: Petzl ACTIK Headtorch

Compact multi-beam headtorch for active pursuits. Compatible with Alkaline, Ni-MH and Lithium AAA batteries, and Petzl's new CORE rechargeable battery pack. It has variable output from 5 ~ 300 lumens with a small subsidiary red LED for use as a marker light or retaining night vision.

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31st December 2016

NEW: Fenix ARE-X2 USB Multi Charger

A two channel USB smart charger with LED display showing charge status. Can also be used as an emergency power bank to charge other USB devices.

Li-ion: 26650, 18650, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440

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30th November 2016

Descent Magazine 253

All the latest regional and international caving news.

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13th November 2016

NEW: Fenix HL60R Headtorch

The HL60R packs a massive punch for its size with a maximum continuous output of 400 lumens plus a 950 lumen 30 second boost mode. It can be powered by a single rechargeable 18650 Li-ion (2600mAh included) or two single use CR123A (if recharging isn't possible). It's waterproof and rated to IP-X8 (-2m) so ideal for use in harsh enviroments.

Charge from USB using the supplied cable.

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13th November 2016

NEW: Fenix ARE-X1 PLUS Multi Charger

A single channel USB smart charger with digital display showing battery type, battery voltage, charge status, charging current and charging time.

Li-ion: 10440, 14500, 16340, 18650, 26650
Ni-MH: AAA, AA and C

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29th October 2016

Fenix ARE-C1 PLUS Multi Charger

A high quality two channel multi-charger featuring a digital display and compatibility with both Ni-MH and Li-ion battery types.

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16th October 2016


At this time of year with the nights drawing in a new headtorch is often on the list. Petzl's automatic REACTIVE range has been well received, particularly by runners, but many are still hesitant to buy into the technology because they haven't seen it working. If you want to try before you buy you can - just give us a call!

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27th September 2016

Descent Magazine 252

All the latest regional and international caving news.

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6th September 2016

Lancashire Rock Guidebook

Published by the BMC this is the definitive climbers' guide to Lancashire with 3200 routes from Moderate to E9 across 95 crags.

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2nd August 2016

Descent Magazine 251

All the latest regional and international caving news plus, Extending Peak Cavern's Krypton Series, hypogenic caves, the new Gaping Gill survey, Exploration in New Mexico's Lechuguilla Cave, a tribute to Ray Mansfield, the Hydrology of Malham and exploration in Mossdale Caverns.

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23rd July 2016

DMM Vault Ice Screw / Tool Carrier

This type of product is normally made of plastic, which is functional but prone to damage, movement and loss. The Vault is made from aluminium so it's is much stronger, rigid, and it attaches to the harness with a semi-permanent clasp secured with a screw. The locking version minimises the chance of accidental gate opening, keeping your equipment safely in place.

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23rd July 2016

DMM Nexus Swivels

Compact, modular and directly connectable swivel system that delivers maximum freedom of movement to and from the device. The articulated shackles can be swapped at either end to give a huge range of connection options.

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5th July 2016


A compact and powerful rechargeable head torch with Reactive Lighting Technology and performance profiles that are user programmable via the MyPetzl Light app and Bluetooth interface.

Over the top? Too gadgety? In fact it's dead simple and gives you the ability to alter the performance to ensure you don't run out of light.

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24th June 2016


Combined pulley karabiners. The plain gate version is designed to be used in conjunction with a Petzl ASCENSION handled ascender with a RIG or I'D S for short rope ascents. The TRIACT LOCK version has various applications in rigging.

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24th June 2016


Ultra-light and very compact ascender for rope ascents, hauling systems and self-rescue situations. This new version has an automatic system that presses the karabiner against the rope to prevent inadvertent downward movement and snagging of the sheath. Works on ropes from 8mm to 11mm and weighs just 39g.

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11th June 2016

Jetboil Flash Lite Cooking System

The Jetboil Flash Lite Cooking System features the same FluxRing® heat exchanger, push-button piezo igniter, and adjustable valve control as the original Jetboil Flash. The Flash Lite has a redesigned lid, cozy, burner, shroud, and 0.8L cup which reduces the over all weight by 88g to just 312g.

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1st June 2016

Descent Magazine 250

All the latest regional and international caving news plus, The Caves of the Kosua in Papua New Guinea, vandalism in caves, Bert Bradshaw, diving exploration of White Keld in Wharfedale, cave art and human history in the Caribbean and a breakthrough in Pal-y-Cwrt.

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18th May 2016

DMM Mantis Belay Device

A very light weight classic belay device. Two friction modes and specially shaped rope grooves ensure optimum breaking over a wide variety of ropes.

Weight: 45g
Single Ropes: ≥8.5mm Ø ≤11mm
Half Ropes: ≥7.3mm Ø ≤9.2mm
Twin Ropes: ≥7.3mm Ø ≤9.2mm

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14th May 2016

DMM Demon Cams

Demon Cams are back in stock, now with plain aluminium cam lobes for increased friction. The main features remain and the "original Wild Country cam sizing" makes for easy integration into "established" racks.

13.75° constant angle cams with integral cam stops.
Extendable 8mm Dyneema slings.
Colour coded thumb grip.

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8th May 2016

The Castleton Mines

Informative and superbly illustrated, this book will be enjoyed by cavers, mine historians, walkers and anyone with an interest in the area.

By J H Rieuwerts and P Wolstenholme
Published by Hucklow Publishing in April 2016
240 x 210 mm 132 pages softback

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30th April 2016

Climbing Technology Ascent Climbing Harness

A comfortable all-rounder with centralising double buckle adjustment. The load bearing structure around the lumbar area covers the upper and lower third of the waist pad providing wider load distribution, better support and greater comfort than standard belt-through-a-pad designs. The six well placed gear racks are ideal for trad' climbing.

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30th April 2016

Climbing Technology Wall Climbing Harness

A comfortable all-rounder with centralising double buckle adjustment. The load bearing structure of the waist pad and leg loops spans the entire width providing wider load distribution, better support and greater comfort than standard belt-through-a-pad designs. The six well placed gear racks are ideal for trad' climbing.

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30th April 2016

Climbing Technology On-Sight Climbing Harness

A light weight fixed loop harness for sport and indoor wall climbing. Four good sized racks allow organisation of gear and will rack enough gear to trad' climbing too.

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25th April 2016

Petzl PANGA Modular Climbing Helmet

For years activity providers and suppliers like us have been asking for a helmet that is genuinely suitable for group use, ideally with replaceable parts so that dirty or damaged components can be changed. The PANGA is supplied complete in boxes of four and is made up of three interchangeable parts; shell, liner and cradle, all of which are available as spares. Three colours available.

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23th April 2016

Petzl 10mm Coeur Stainless Steel Hanger Plate

316L stainless steel providing excellent resistance to corrosion in typical exterior environments.

EN795 A1, EN 959

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19th April 2016

Petzl CAPTIV Connector Positioning Bar

Solid positioning bar compatible with the Petzl Am'D Screw Lock, Am'D Triact and ROLLCLIP connectors providing semi-permanent attachment to other equipment, preventing removal, loss and cross-loading.

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7th April 2016

Expedition Foods

Very high quality dehydrated meals produced in the UK. They're highly nutritious, taste good and have a high calorie content. No freeze dried after taste, no MSG, no hydrogenated vegetable oil or hydrolysed vegetable protein. In addition they have very long use by dates.

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7th April 2016

Lyon Emergency Rope Cutter

An emergency rope cutter in a harness mountable soft pouch. Ideal for cutting loaded ropes or slings. Large finger loops allow use with cold or gloved hands.

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2nd April 2016

Descent Magazine 249

All the latest regional and international caving news plus, the tufa caves of Lathkill Dale in Derbyshire, the loss of Penderyn Cave, the Croesor-Rhosydd traverse, the caves of The Hidden Valley in Mulu, testing anchors in slate and the loss of Jackdaw Cave.

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28th March 2016

Original Metolius Master Cams

On offer at £39.95 to clear, originally £55.00.
In store only while stock lasts.

22nd March 2016

Original DMM Dragon Cams
A few left at 25% off to clear.

0 & 00 were £60 now £45
5 & 6 were £70 now £50
Free wire gate krab
In store only while stock lasts

22nd March 2016

Boreal Crux Climbing Shoes

Were £89.95, £45.00 to clear.

Sizes 9-11 including half sizes
In store only while stock lasts

28th February 2016

DMM Dragon 2 Cams

New version of the Dragon featuring raw aluminium lobe surfaces for better performance in smooth rock and a new TripleGrip surface area (patented) with more ‘bite points’ for increased holding power and reduced ‘walking’.

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3rd February 2016

Descent Magazine 248

All the latest regional and international caving news plus, diving Cat's Hole in Ireland, The swallets of Burrington Combe, Ogof Marros in Carmarthenshire, Russian ice caves, Self rescue from Mulu's Hidden Valley, Lancliffe Pot and a tribute to Owen Clarke.

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5th December 2015

True Grit - Selected Rock Climbs on Peak Gritstone

Pete O'Donovan's True Grit has arrived. A highly visual photo topo guidebook featuring over 4000 routes on the major Peak District gritstone crags. The colour photo topos offer a level of detail rarely seen before.

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21st November 2015

Petzl Connect Adjust Lanyard

A very light fast-adjust lanyard. Primarily designed for clipping into top anchor points on sport climbs but it has many other positioning applications. Easier to use and safer than a standard daisy chain.

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7th November 2015

Rab® Women's Nebula Jacket

Looks and feels like a down jacket but it's filled with 3M's synthetic CIRRUS™ insulation. It performs better in damp cold conditions and dries faster. Ideal for a British winter!

Pertex® Endurance® outer fabric
3M Cirrus™ insulation (212g in a UK12)
Weight: 490g (UK 12)
SRP £160. Only available in store - price £136

19th October 2016: Lithium-Ion Transport Regulations

We are often asked why we won't supply products containing Lithium-Ion batteries by mail order, when almost all of our competitors will. The regulations continue to evolve and the implications for suppliers and consumers are often not fully appreciated. Our revised statement is here:

12th August 2016: Cave Rescue Equipment Theft

Ahead of next weeks EuroSpeleo event CRO pre-rigged Kingsdale Master Cave with high level traverse lines above the streamway to allow them access in the event of a flood or rescue. Someone has stolen the large quantity of karabiners used to rig this. They are distinctive and should be identifiable if someone uses them or puts them up for sale.

9th July 2016: DMM Harness Safety Notice

Following the discovery of missing structural sewing on a DMM Brenin Harness during a routine inspection by an end user, they have issued safety advice to users of all DMM harnesses, asking them to carry out a visual inspection on the key structural sewing on their harnesses.

2nd June 2016: Peak District Cave Exploration Prize

200m of rope up for grabs! All you have to do is find some new cave!

23rd April 2016: Petzl Safety Notice

Petzl have issued a safety warning regarding the "scrapped" Aspir harnesses that were re-stitched by a third party and put up for sale on eBay.

14th April 2016: Cave Safety Notice - JH

Cavers visiting J.H. (James Hall's Over Engine Mine) should be aware that the mesh retaining the boulders and rocks above the last pitch of Leviathan has detached at one end and debris is now falling through. This will be repaired as soon as possible.

14th April 2016: Cave Safety Notice - Block Hall

Cavers visiting Block Hall in Speedwell Cavern should be aware that the traverse line at the top (that leads across to Watt Passage) has a serious rub point and it's through to the core. The damaged section has been isolated but the line is now tight and is awkward to get on or off. It will be replaced as soon as possible.

14th April 2016: Black Diamond Safety Notice

Voluntary recall for inspection of Camalots™ and Camalot™ Ultralights, Index Ascenders, Easy Rider and Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata lanyard sets.

8th April 2016: Dangerous Harnesses on eBay

Suffolk Trading Standards have seized over 100 Petzl Aspir harnesses from an eBay seller. These harnesses were originally condemned and cut up to prevent sale or use but were recovered by a third party and stitched back together. Using the harnesses risks death or serious injury.

30th March 2016: Safety Information Petzl ASAP Lock

Petzl have issued safety advice regarding the possibility of cracks forming in the stainless steel arms of the ASAP Lock mobile fall-arrest device.

29th March 2016: CRoW and Access to Caves

The CRoW Act allows walkers and climbers to freely access many hills and crags without hinder, but it's not the same for cavers. An interesting article from The Guardian.

22nd March 2016: Petzl Serial Number Evolution

In order to improve the manufacturing traceability of it's PPE products, Petzl are evolving the codification of the individual Serial Numbers.

21st February 2016: EMRT Collection Box

Thanks to all our customers who've put their change in the Edale Mountain Rescue Team counter collection box. £89.52 raised this time.
http://edalemrt.co.uk/, @edalemrt

21st February 2016: Titan Entrance Shaft Repaired

The repairs to the Titan Entrance shaft are complete and normal access for cavers will resume soon.

2nd February 2016: Petzl Croll Chest Ascender

Petzl have issued advice on the inspection of Croll chest ascenders. This follows some that were returned to them that had been used well beyond the defined product retirement criteria.

17th January 2016: Snow and Road Conditions

A few centimetres of snow in the Hope Valley this morning. Winnats Pass is completely clear (full width), Rushup Edge, Fox House, A57 Ladybower to Sheffield all clear. Snake Pass was closed but should be open soon. Updates:
@HitchnHike, @SnakePassWatch, @DerbyshireCC

21st December 2015: Christmas & New Year Opening

Slight variations to opening times between Wednesday 23rd Dacember and Saturday 2nd January. Either side of this period our opening times are as normal, 9:00am to 5:30pm every day.

8th November 2015: Bamford Road Bridge Closure

On the 8th and 15th November the road bridge at Mytham Bridge, Bamford next to Hitch n Hike is scheduled to be closed on Sunday the 8th and possibly Sunday 15th November for repair work.

12th September 2015: Product Safety Alert

DMM have issued a Product Safety Warning. It has come to their attention that the locking mechanisms in a small percentage of some DMM locking karabiners are developing a fault. Please monitor the DMM website, the DMM Twitter feeds and the DMM Facebook pages for further updates.


1st July 2015: Bogus Hitch n Hike Facebook Page

We've been made aware that someone has set up a bogus Facebook page under our name. There is only one Hitch n Hike and that's us here in Bamford, established in 1984.

Our genuine Facebook page is:
Please completely disregard the bogus one at:

It is being investigated and we are working to have it removed.

2nd January 2015: Titan Access Suspended

With immediate effect access to the Titan Entrance Shaft has been suspended. The middle section of the shaft is showing signs of severe deformation and is highly likely to collapse at any time.


24th November 2014: Mine Shaft Collapse

The B6061 between Castleton and Sparrowpit is closed follow a mine shaft collapse.


30th December 2013: Massive Sink Hole Appears

Sometime around Christmas day a massive hole appeared in a field near Foolow.


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