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True Grit True Grit
Code: CCP056, EAN: 9780956700636
True Grit is a selective topo-style guidebook covering the major Peak Gritstone crags in a single volume. The six areas featured are: The Eastern Edges, Staffordshire Grit, Castle Naze and Windgather, The Kinder Plateau, The Longdendale Valley and The Chew Valley. The style is immensely visual, with many of the crag shots offering a level of detail rarely seen before in a publication of this kind.

The topos are supplemented by detailed maps and approach information, as well as stunning scenic and action photographs. GPS co-ordinates are used, not only for key parking areas, but also to mark the locations of difficult-to-find crags and buttresses, enabling first time visitors equipped with GPS apps to reach their destination with minimum fuss.

Over 4000 routes on the finest gritstone crags in the Peak District, in one volume.

By Pete O'Donovan
Published by Pod Climbing in December 2015
156 x 230mm 492 pages paperback

Price: 29.95

Peak Limestone North Peak Limestone North
Code: CCP055, EAN: 9780903908382
This definitive guidebook from the British Mountaineering Council covers trad climbing, sport climbing and bouldering. It features full colour maps, topos photos.

By Gary Gibson, Ian Carr and a team of volunteers
Published by the BMC in May 2015
150 x 210mm 528 pages softback

· Stoney Middleton
· Chee Dale
· Water-cum-Jolly
· Raven Tor
· Harpur Hill

Price: 28.00

Eastern Grit - Rockfax Eastern Grit - Rockfax
Code: 9781873341087, EAN: 9781873341087
It's eight years since the second edition was published. This new book has been expanded with more coverage of the main crags and includes many of the minor venues that were left out last time. It now details over 4000 routes.

By Chris Craggs
Published by Rockfax in March 2015
150 x 210mm 560 pages softback

· Sheffield Area - Wharncliffe, Agden Rocher, Rivelin
· Ladybower Area - Dovestone Tor, Bamford
· Stanage North, Stanage Plantation, Stanage Popular
· Burbage North, Higgar Tor, Carl Wark, Burbage South
· Over Owler Tor, Millstone, Lawrencefield, Yarncliffe
· Derwent Edges - Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow
· Chatsworth Area - Gardom's, Birchen, Chatsworth
· Robin Hood's Stride, Cratcliffe, Black Rocks
· Turningstone Edge, Duke's Quarry, Shining Cliff

Price: 29.95

Peak Bouldering Rockfax Peak Bouldering Rockfax
Code: 9781873341728, EAN: 9781873341728
The Peak Bouldering Rockfax includes all the main bouldering venues of the Peak District. It includes many more low-grade problems than have ever been documented before including 17 circuits with problems at V0+ 5a and under, and a further 21 circuits with problems at V2 5c and below. The book uses both ‘V’ grades and Font grades, and UK technical grades for easier problems.

By Chris Craggs and Alan James
Published by Rockfax in May 2014
Size: 150 x 210mm 544 pages softback

Price: 29.95
Northern Peak
Wimberry, Tintwistle Knarr, Black Tor, Hobson Moor Quarry, New Mills Tor, The Woolpacks and Derwent.
Sheffield Area
Wharncliffe, Rivelin and Bell Hagg.
Stanage Area
Bamford and Stanage.
Burbage Valley
Higgar Tor, Burbage West, Burbage North, Burbage South Edge, Burbage South Valley, Owler Tor, Secret Garden, Mother Cap, Millstone, Carl Wark, Houndkirk Tor and Ox Stones.
Derwent Gritstone
Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow, Gardoms and Birchen.
Stoney, Rubicon, Raven Tor, Blackwell Dale, Rheinstor and Nuda's Tartan.
Central Grit
Rabbit Warren, Harland Edge, Robin Hood's Stride, Cratcliffe, Clifftop Boulder, Stanton Moor, Rowter Rocks, Bank Quarry, Jackson Tor and Amber Valley.
The Roaches, The Skyline, Five Clouds, Ramshaw Rocks, Newstones and Baldstones, Gib Torr and Wolf Edge.
South Peak
Black Rocks, Harborough Rocks, Shining Cliff and Churnet Valley.

Over The Moors Over The Moors
Code: 9780903908245, EAN: 9780903908245
A definitive climber's guide to Moorland Gritstone. 3800 routes from Moderate to E9, 200 boulder problems from V0 to V10, 90 action photos.

By the BMC
Published by the BMC in 2012
130 x 193mm 624 pages softback

Crags include Kinder, Wimberry, Shining Clough, Standing Stones, Ravenstones, Pule Hill, Shooter's Nab, Laddow, Rollick Stones, Upperwood, Rob's Rocks, Wilderness Rocks, Den Lane, Running Hill Pits, West Nab, Hobson Moor & New Mills Torrs.

Price: 25.00

Peak Limestone Rockfax Peak Limestone Rockfax
Code: 9781873341520, EAN: 9781873341520
A dedicated guide to Peak District limestone featuring the classic venues of Stoney, Cheedale and Water-cum-Jolly plus all the southern crags around Matlock, Dovedale and the Manifold Valley.

By Chris Craggs and Alan James
Published by Rockfax in May 2012
150 x 210mm 408 pages softback

Crags include Stoney Middleton, Horseshoe Quarry, Smalldale, Harpur Hill, Staden Quarry, Chee Dale Upper, Chee Dale Lower, Raven Tor, Water-cum-Jolly, Ravensdale, Aldery Cliff, Rhienstor, Wolfscote Dale, Manifold Valley, Beeston Tor, Dove Dale, Pic Tor, High Tor, Wild Cat, Willersley, Harborough Rocks, Lovers' Leap, Beerhouse Buttress, Blackwell Dale, Taddington, Turkey Dip Rocks, Masson Lees, Lorry Park Quarry, Long Tor Quarry, Brassington, Hipley Hill.

Price: 24.95

Peak District Bouldering Peak District Bouldering
Code: 9781906148270, EAN: 9781906148270
The most comprehensive guide available to bouldering in the Peak District. Thousands of boulder problems, from Font 3 to 8b+, on three different rock types.

By Rupert Davies, John Coefield & Jon Barton
Published by Vertibrate Publishing in June 2011
210 x 148mm 488 pages softback

Price: 25.00

Recent Developments on Peak Limestone Recent Developments on Peak Limestone
Code: CCP048, EAN: 9780955441745
A small suppliment guide with topos covering new routes from the last few years, typically F7a and above.

By Mark Pretty
Published by Ground Up in June 2010
115 x 170mm 32 pages softback

Price: 5.95

Froggatt to Black Rocks Froggatt to Black Rocks
Code: CCP047, EAN: 9780903908092
The range of crags that stretches from the mighty Curbar and Froggatt in the north, to the fantastic oddness of Black Rocks in the south, is arguably the finest and most varied collection of outcrops on gritstone. First time visitors will find the classics, and locals will find endless suprises.

2200 routes from Moderate to E9
1100 boulder problems from V0 to V12
130 full colour action shots
6 Fontainbleau-style bouldering circuits

By the BMC Guidebook Team
Published by the BMC in 2010
135 x 192mm 528 pages softback

Crags Included - Froggatt Area, Curbar Area, Yarncliffe, Baslow, Gardom's Area, Birchen, Chatsworth, Beeley-Matlock, Cratcliffe Area, Robin Hood's Stride, The Amber Valley and The Cromford Area.

Price: 24.00

The Roaches BMC The Roaches BMC
Code: CCP041, EAN: 9780903908184
1600 routes from Moderate to E8, 800 boulder problems from V0 to V12, 140 action photos, 5 Fontainbleau-style bouldering circuits & over 200 full-colour photo topos.

By the BMC
Published by the BMC in November 2009
130 x 185mm 400 pages softback

Crags - Five Clouds, Hen Cloud, Ramshaw, Baldstones, Newstones, Gib Torr, Back Forest, The Churnet Valley, Windgather, Castle Naze and Bosley Cloud.

Price: 20.00

Western Grit - Rock Fax Western Grit - Rock Fax
Code: CCP036, EAN: 9781873341223
2300+ routes on 39 crags ranging from the popular Staffordshire gritstone edges of the Roaches, Hen Cloud and Ramshaw and up onto the remote Kinder and Bleaklow moorland. Also contained are the superb Chew Valley edges, selected Lancashire quarries and small natural edges and the fine sandstone buttresses on Merseyside of Helsby, Pex Hill and Frodsham (not strictly gritstone but a logical inclusion being short of current information).

By Chris Craggs and Alan James
Published by Rockfax in April 2009
150 x 210mm 384 pages full colour softback

Price: 21.95
Back Forest, Roaches Skyline,The Five Clouds, Roaches Lower, Roaches Upper, Hen Cloud, Ramshaw, Newstones and Balstones.
Windgather Area
Windgather, Castle Nazea and New Mills Tor.
Kinder South, Kinder North and Kinder Downfall.
Bleaklow and Longdendale
Shining Clough, Laddow, Tintwhistle and Hobson Moor Quarry.
Chew Valley
Wimberry, Upper Wilderness Valley, Dovestones Edge, Ravenstones, Standing Stones, Upperwood Quarry, Alderman, Running Hill Pits and Den Lane Quarry.
Hoghton Quarry, Denham, Anglezarke, Wilton 1, Wilton 2 and 3, Brownstones, Egerton, Cadshaw Castl and the Littleborough Area.
Helsby, Frodsham and Pex Hill.

Peak District Climbing Peak District Climbing
Code: 9781906148065, EAN: 9781906148065
322 pages with full colour topos and colour photography throughout. Over 400 of the best routes from Mod to HVS, together with suggestions for good E1s to try. The mid grade sport climbing venues of Horseshoe Quarry and Harpur Hill are also featured and if you can't be arsed with a rope there are 350 of the areas best gritstone boulder problems to fall off.

John Coefield and Jon Barton
Publisher by Vertebrate Publishing in March 2008
147 x 210mm 322 pages softback

Crags - Birchen Edge, Burbage North, Burbage South, Cratcliffe Tor and Robin Hood's Stride, Curbar, Froggatt, Lawrencefield, Millstone, Rivelin, Stanage, Castle Naze, Hen Cloud, Kinder North ,Kinder South, The Roaches, Wimberry, Windgather, Cheedale: Blackwell Halt, Harborough Rocks, Harpur Hill Quarry, Horseshoe Quarry, Staden Quarry, Stoney Middleton and Wildcat.

Price: 19.95

Stanage Stanage
Code: CP050NEW07, EAN: 9780903908085

The definitive Stanage guide features full colour photo-topos, action photographs and bouldering circuits. It contains details of every route and every boulder problem on the crag, 140 full colour photos, over 200 full colour photo-topos, 5 Fontainebleau-style bouldering circuits, 1300 routes from Moderate to E8, 400 boulder problems from V0 to V13, A full climbing history and first ascents list, and anecdotes and yarns from the crag's colourful climbing history.

Published by the BMC 2007
138mm x 190mm 350 pages softback

Price: 20.00

Burbage, Millstone & Beyond (2005 reprinted 2011) Burbage, Millstone & Beyond (2005 reprinted 2011)
Code: CCP040, EAN: 9780903908771
2,200 routes and 700 boulder problems on Burbage, Higgar, Millstone. Lawrencefield, Rivelin, Bell Hagg, Wyming Brook, Bamford, Derwent Edge, Agden Rocher and Wharncliffe.

It features route descriptions, boulder problems, full colour topos, clear maps and photos. It also includes historical information, grade and first ascent lists.

By BMC volunteers
Published by the BMC in 2005 and reprinted in 2011
135 x 189mm 346 pages softback

Price: 20.00

From Horseshoe to Harpur Hill (2004) From Horseshoe to Harpur Hill (2004)
Code: CP039, EAN: 9780903908726
750 mid-grade sport climbs in the Buxton and Matlock area.

By Gary Gibson
Published by the BMC in 2004
130 x 187mm 144 pages softback

 Stoney Middleton - Horseshoe Quarry (Furness Quarry)
 The Matlock Area - Hall Dale Quarry, Cawdor Quarry, Lorry Park Quarry, Slaley Brook and Intake Quarry.
 The Buxton Area - Devonshire Butress, Blackwell and Blatant, Cowdale, Deep Dale, Crag X, Smalldale and Harpur Hill.

Price: 14.00


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